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Stadia Wave Podcast #6- Launch Day, Baby!

A couple days after launch, the Stadia Wave Podcast boys are back to bring you their opinions and hot takes on the newly released Google Stadia service. This podcast, the gang discusses all the excitement and intrigue leading up to the big release day and well into Google's launch day woes. What actually happened? How could Google avoid problems like this in the future? Do their fans and early adopters still trust them? Why did codes really take so long to get out?

Ty also drops knowledge about his first impressions on Google Stadia both on mobile and through a Chromecast. The guys ask questions and get the true facts about Stadia's latency, graphics, and controller. Is negative latency a big, noticeable deal on the service? Did it matter that Destiny 2 wasn’t really 4k? How does multiplayer work on a handheld device?

As usual, the podcast reaches a constructive high note when the future of Stadia is discussed. Where does everything go from here? Will games go on sale during Black Friday? Will Google disappear into the shadows and never be seen from again? 

Also discussed is the upcoming game awards and the boy’s hot picks for GOTY. The gang learns that Ty didn’t even play 2018 GOTY title God of War yet. 

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Stadia Wave Podcast #5- Fitbit Fitness on Stadia?

One week from launch, the Stadia Wave Podcast guys are hitting the mics to talk about the only real relevant news that Stadia fans have to look forward to. With the Fitbit buyout by Google, Stadia could see fitness and motion tracking support for a variety of games and applications. OSwear has lots of potential for Google, but Fitbit ups the ante. Ty offers his hot Stadia podcast take on a possible game that could revolutionize the fitness experience on the system. Could it work? Anyone know a developer? How would it translate to a Stadia experience?

With high hopes in mind, the guys also discuss how Stadia will work out of the box on launch date. Download times and hardware issues are supposedly a thing of the past with Google Stadia, so the real worry is stress on the servers. With so much at stake, could Stadia set the scene for the future of cloud gaming?

The guys also bring up some recent Blizzcon announcements, all while trying not to get banned in China. Will there ever be a WOW on Google Stadia? Will loot boxes still be a massive source of revenue, even with cloud gaming?

Tune in to the Stadia Wave podcast on the second and last week of every month to find the gang offering their hot takes and opinions on the upcoming Google Stadia platform. As always, you can find the Stadia Wave Podcast on Podbean, iTunes, and Spotify.

Hosts: Ty Davidson, Raheel Israr, Tony Ornelas, and Sean Giovacchini

Edited by Ty Davidson


Stadia Wave Podcast #4- Houston, Do We Have a Problem?

This week, the whole Stadia Wave bunch is back in the building and talking about the service’s launch date, its controller specs, and new developments in subscription services. On the podcast for everything Google Stadia and culture, Ty, Tony, Raheel, and Sean are offering up some hot takes on the imminent launch of the most advanced development in Cloud gaming technology. Google might be doing some things well, but there is also plenty of room for improvement. Will the industry see an incredible success or a failure to launch.

Stadia’s controller is also a hot topic. While some are worried about its wifi woes, the bit of hardware has some interesting specs that may surprise even the most seasoned Google Stadia fan. But will the controller hold up with the next gen experience coming in the next year? How do it’s specs stack up against current offerings?

Lastly, the dudes discuss the terrible fan reception of the Fallout 1st service and its implication for subscription services in the gaming industry. With such meager offerings and an incredibly volatile  community, what can Stadia do to separate its offerings from the “cash grab” tactics of other devs? Does Stadia even fall into game subscription category?

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Hosted by Ty Davidson, Raheel Israr, Tony Ornelas, and Sean Giovacchini

Edited by Ty Davidson


Stadia Wave Podcast #3- There’s Actually News!

The boys are finally back in town! After an extended absence due to vacations and beer drinking, the Stadia Wave podcast guys are hitting the ground running with some actual Stadia news. The gang gets to discuss the newly announced launch title, the scary nature of negative latency, and the “selling out” of the founder’s bundle. 

Conversation moves to discuss the newest video by Youtuber Dunkey, whose discussion of the 2000’s console war lends some insight into how Stadia could compete with established video game companies. Is being first to market in cloud technology enough to keep them afloat?

Finally, the Stadia Wave podcast winds down with some treading back to the old conversation topic of marketing and how to sell the software to consumers. Who is their target market? Why would they want to buy it? 


Tune in to the Stadia Wave podcast on the second and last week of every month to catch the gang offering their hot takes and opinions on the upcoming Google Stadia platform. 

Hosts: Ty Davidson

Tony Ornelas

Sean Giovacchini

Edited by Ty Davidson


Stadia Wave Podcast #2- Don’t Call Stadia “Netflix for Games”

This week, the Stadia Wave Podcast boys are back to challenge the long running myth that Google Stadia is "Netflix for games." The conversation veers from Vudu to Hulu and all the way to Gamefly, but somewhere along the line a better analogy is created. Regardless, everyone is still left relatively confused about what is really happening and what the platform means for the future.

Better yet, the gang discusses their dream subscription service for the Stadia and end up with some interesting and surprising answers. Raheel somehow finds a way to bash Pokemon in the process and a Google first party game service is naturally thrown into the mix.

At long last, the guys wind down by pondering a way to solve the marketing void left by Google's corporate communication plan. Gone are the days of print adds and tv commercials, we live in the age of the influencer. Is there a better way to launch the platform? who is the target audience? What;s the best way to reach them?

Tune in on the second and last podcast of every month to catch the boy as they offer their thoughts and hot takes on the upcoming Google Stadia platform. Although news has been slow, there is always something to discuss.


Stadia Wave Podcast #2- Don't Call Stadia "Netflix for Games"

Hosts: Ty Davidson

Raheel Israr

Tony Ornelas

Sean Giovacchini


Edited by Ty Davidson


Stadia Wave Podcast #1- Google Stadia Connect: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

On the inaugural episode of the Stadia Wave podcast, the boys break down the most recent Stadia marketing initiative, the Stadia Connect. Surprising to say the least, Google outlined their release schedule for the upcoming year in games, dropping a lot of hot takes and a few unexpected franchises. Ty, Tony, and Raheel take to the mics to share their thoughts, expectations, and disappointments on the announcements of the future of streaming.

To put it simply, the most recent Stadia Connect left the gang with more questions than answers, although there were a few highlights that stayed in the forefront of their minds. First up, the highlight of the conference was the announcement that Cyberpunk 2077 is coming to Stadia. Google is getting support from the big boys!

There were a few low points as well, namely the lack of exclusives on the console. Why Orcs Must Die?

The discussion ends with a conversation about the areas of opportunity for Google Stadia in the future, as the possibilities are endless! Could we see a Google owned development studio? What markets is Google ignoring?


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